How to Participate in the Academic Commons

AASHE's Academic Commons aggregates educating for sustainability materials from across the sustainability community.

Submitting Your Materials

Anyone can participate by providing course materials related to educating for sustainability in higher education. The course material submission includes an open-ended, rich text field for submitters to provide context, information, usage suggestions, and other tips in as much detail as they prefer and attach it to their submission.

Course material file attachments are supported in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • text files
  • OpenOffice Document formats.


Academic Commons Groups can be established by anyone with an interest in sharing knowledge or resources on a sustainability topic. Groups feature:

  • Discussions, available via email in daily digest format
  • Directory of members
  • Materials contributed to the group

Faculty Profiles

In addition to curriculum materials, the Academic Commons includes faculty profiles, produced by AASHE staff and volunteers through interviews with figures in the higher-education sustainability community. If you have a suggestion or would like to be considered for a future faculty profile, please email our resources support address:

Continuous Improvements

A variety of potential improvements are under consideration for future versions of the Academic Commons. If you would like to make a suggestion, please email our resources support address: